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Corporate Strategy
and Transformation


Our clients come to us searching for insight into some of the most difficult challenges that require a deep understanding of their business model, their organization, the competitive and cultural environment, and their stakeholders.

According to our experience, the four major challenges organizations face today are:

  • Differentiating their products and services and connecting emotionally to their audiences.
  • Understanding the impact of megatrends and adapting to new competitive landscapes.
  • Adapting to disruption and the proliferation of new competitors.
  • Understanding and solving the internal tensions created by these challenges, the difficulty of achieving high performance of the current business model, and developing new ones at the same time.

We carry out consulting projects that tackle these four challenges and engage the top level of the organization in a rich conversation and thorough process that produce the following deliverables:

  • Defining the identity of the organization and the role it plays for its consumers, clients, employees, society, and other stakeholders.
  • Defining organizational values, behaviours, long-term aspirations, and short-term strategic actions.
  • Aligning the product and service portfolio and innovation initiatives to incentivize the expected behaviors of consumers, clients, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Crafting an organizational narrative and tailoring the delivery to the diverse audiences.
  • Designing strategies and tools to incentivize and reward progress and behavior.

The projects a follow a three-step process:

  • Storylistening
  • Storybuilding
  • Storyliving and telling

Marketing and Communication Strategy


People don’t buy your product: They live and share your story

Unearthing the story that only your brand can tell and of which all of your clients and consumers want to be a part of is the principle challenge of CMO’s.

A powerful story establishes a firm foundation upon which all the strategies of communication can take root from in order to achieve extraordinary results.

The primary objectives of this process are:

  • To find the unique and differentiating story of a brand.
  • Define the call to action and the insights of your audience, both internal and external (from collaborators to partners to even clients, consumers, and influencers.)
  • Define the building blocks of the brand’s story (the archetypes, the plot, the values, the antagonists, etc.) and those of the audience.
  • Establish points of contact between both narratives.
  • Craft, with clarity, a vision of the future, the superior motive, and communicate these strategies of values and innovation to the necessary audiences.
  • Allow the story to transform into the vector by which we can engage and inspire the audiences.
  • Transform all members of a brand’s marketing team into StoryMakers.


A deep exploration process to find the unique and strategic story of your brand through three phases:

  1. StoryListening: To find the meaning of your brand and the stories hidden in the hearts and minds of your audiences.
  2. StoryBuilding: To create the building blocks of the Brand Story
  3. StoryLiving: To Translate the building blocks of that Story into specific tools to implement the StoryWorld


The Power of a Brand Story

Stories & Multibrand Strategies

Stories in Multicultural Markets

Inspire your Ad Agency with a Story Based Brief

Salesforce development and training


There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.

We empower the sales force and executives with knowledge and practical tools to better connect with audiences, convey a powerful messages, build lasting relationships, and engage action.


The Power of Stories:
Beyond Rational Attributes

empathic listening to identify business opportunities

Your client is the hero and your product a magic gift

Personal Stories:
Share and listeng personal stories to build strong relationships

Leadership Development


Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.

We help leaders articulate a compelling story to connect with their audiences, influence their
world view, and shape behavior.


The Power of Stories.

Leading Transformations with the Power of Stories.

Personal Story:
Go beyond your CV, people remember your story.

Epic teams:
Creating a shared story for extraordinary performance.

Tools by Sector & Industry


The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories.

We have designed workshops and tools for different industries and sectors with their specific needs in mind.


The Power of Stories for Professional Services (legal, financial, technological).

The Power of Stories for the Tourism and Hospitality industries.

The Power of Stories for B2B.

The Power of Stories for the Real Estate Development Industry.

The Power of Stories for selling products or services Latin America.